Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Mysterious Case of the Allbright Academy

Eighth grader Franny Sharp is majorly excited when she is accepted into the Allbright Academy, a prestigious boarding school in Maryland that has produced some of the world's smartest leaders, scientists, doctors, and more. So Franny has a lot to live up to! But there's something strange about this fancy academy-it seems to Franny that the kids are a bit too perfect. Wouldn't you think it's strange when all the kids on the campus are gorgeous, have flawless manners, straight As, and perfect behavior? Franny does, so she and her new friends Brooklyn, Cal, and Prescott begin to investigate the dark secret behind the academy's creepy perfection. But what if some of the perfection begins to rub off on them? Will they be able to uncover the mystery before it's too late for the Allbright students?  And there's always the danger of being caught... Author Diane Stanley has created a fast-paced novel that's riveting, creative, and recommended for all readers with a good taste in mysteries that are in grades 5-7!

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