Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dragon's Breath

Witch-in-training Princess Emeralda (or Emma, for short), is back in this witty and humorous novel by E.D. Baker. This time, Emma and her no-longer-froggy friend Eadric have a lot going on:
first, Emma's country of Greater Greensward is in danger of being invaded, and Emma's aunt needs to protect the kingdom, with her magic or else it'll be gone forever! But Grassina the Green Witch has other things on her mind, including reversing the spell that will turn her old beau, Haywood, from otter back to man. But first Emma and Eadric need to find all the ingredients for the spell reversal, including a gossamer hair from a mother-of-pearl, a husk from a magic bean, a green dragon's breath, and an aged horse's feather. This terrific fantasy is full of colorful adventure and humor, taking the reader from a fishbowl sea, a magic marketplace, the Dragon Olympics, and much, much, more! Readers will NOT be disappointed in this second book of the bestselling Frog Princess series!

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