Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little Women

This charming classic by Louisa May Alcott is a comforting, sweet novel about 4 sisters growing up in Massachusetts in the Civil War era. Life is not like they like it after their dad is forced to go off to the war, and they are struck by poverty. Somehow, these four different sisters manage to have adventures, friendship, and romance. There's Jo, the scheming, tomboyish writer (who might be based on Alcott herself); Amy, the proper, youngest, and artistic sister; Meg, the motherly, bossy, eldest sister; and Beth, the shy, musical homebody. Readers will both laugh and shed tears as they watch the girls grow up right before their very eyes, and will be deeply satisfied when done with this touching story. Join the March sisters as they struggle through hardships like school, romance, death, friendship, and sisterly jealousy. Little Women is truly a gem, loved in the 1800s (when it was first published), and still loved today!

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Annika said...

That's a great classic!