Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Camp Confidential: Golden Girls

Summer at Camp Lakeview has never been hotter! This year, Color War is right around the corner, causing some not-so-welcome problems in bunk 5A. First of all, sports-deprived Tori is elected captain of the Blue team, and she's absolutely clueless about competitions! As well as struggling with trying to coach a group of rowdy girls, she's afraid to let them down. Can Blue come out on top, and will Tori find her inner coach in time?
Also, Tori's supposedly-best friend, Natalie, begins to hang out with the most popular kids in the sixth division group, leaving Tori in the dust for her new friend and boyfriend. Tori knows that something's up with Natalie's new "friends", but will she risk losing her own friendship with Nat if she tries to protect her? More drama, cookouts, team spirit, boys, friends, and camp fun is jam-packed into Golden Girls, the 16th book of Melissa J. Morgan's Camp Confidential series!

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