Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flirt #5: Issues

Summer is over, which means that this year's Flirt magazine interns (Melanie, Kiyoko, Olivia, Alexa, Charlotte, and Gen) are headed home. But just when they think that their exciting jobs are permanently over, they get a big surprise: their strict boss, Ms. Bishop, calls them back for another exclusive year of interning at the magazine! The girls are thrilled-but their renewed jobs aren't all fun and games: there are still deadlines, competition, mistakes, and pressure, as well as trouble outside of the magazine in the forms of parents, homesickness, schools, jobs, and more. And can the girls get their acts together in time for the big launch of the new Flirt website?
Although Issues was a fun and easy read, Bookworm thought that it was too much like the previous four in the series, with a very similar plotline. But that's no reason not to check it out! Have no fear: there is more city fun, fashion tips, and pleasurable reading awaiting in the fifth Flirt book!

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