Sunday, July 13, 2008


Dizzy's mother hasn't visited her in eight years, leaving Dizzy with her artist father and his girlfriend in the gray city of Birmingham. Every year on her birthday, Dizzy eagerly awaits a message from her mother: a postcard, or a present from her ever-traveling mum's latest destination. But, this year, on Dizzy's twelfth birthday, there's a big surprise waiting for her. Yes, Dizzy's very own mother, a New Age hippie named Storm, who takes Dizzy, her bags and her guitar, into her pink patchwork van that's headed towards adventure. Mother and daughter travel on the British festival circuit, meeting lively characters that include handsome, friendly Finn and secretive, angry little Mouse and his mangy dog, Leggit. Along the way, Dizzy discovers surprises, fun, a little romance, danger, and a whole lot of life-changing experiences... 
   Cathy Cassidy's first novel is magical, bright, different, and concludes with a perfectly satisfying ending, leaving readers begging for more. After reading Dizzy, I'm craving more of Cathy's brilliant writing. Dizzy is now definitely at the top of my "Favorites" list!

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