Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Not-So-Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel

Tracy Forrester isn't exactly thrilled when her dad announces that she, her little sister, and her big brother are headed off with their dad to Farnsworth House (aka the Hippie Hotel) in Cape Cod for the entire summer. I mean, really-how would you feel if you were stuck in a rickety old house with a bunch of other divorced families who you don't even really know? And how is she supposed to have "fun" when the only other family consists of an angry, punk-loving Goth girl named Beka and her flirtatious mother, Lorraine? But then funloving, sunny California girl Kelsey shows up at Farnsworth House with her dad, and Tracy's summer is turned around with her new friendship, as well as a possible romance after meeting Kevin, the cute blacksmith/actor at Plymouth Plantation. And maybe Tracy's time at the Hippie Hotel won't be so terrible, after all!  This enjoyable light read by Rosemary Graham, filled with summer fun, friendship, and romance, is a must-read for mainly girls in grades 7-10.

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