Sunday, July 6, 2008

Frogs and French Kisses

In this sweet and funny sequel to Bras and Broomsticks (by Sarah Mlynowski), Rachel discovers that it's hard being the only normal one in a family of witches. Her mom and sister are witches, so why can't she be one, too? While her little sister is trying to use magic to save the world, and her mom is trying to conjure up a date, Rachel is trying to manuever her way through high school, and possibly even get her crush, Raf, to like her. And then there's the Prom coming up, and one of Miri's distastrous spells might just ruin that, too! Combine that with a love spell gone wrong and a heart-stopping crush, and Rachel's up to her shoulders in pandemonium! Can Rachel save the dance and her date? And can there be such a thing as too much magic?
   Don't let the funky title throw you off! I totally adored this book, it had me cracking up from page one. Rachel is so witty and sincere; readers will really be able to relate to her. Recommended for girls in grades 8 and up.

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Chelsey said...

These books are hil-arious!

<3 C.