Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Princess In Love

The clumsy but lovable Princess Mia is back in this third volume of Meg Cabot's bestselling Princess Diaries series. This time, Mia's life is officially over. Not just because she is a princess, or because her best friend Lilly is crazy, or even because her formal introduction to the country of Genovia is in a few short weeks. No, Mia's life is over because she has a boyfriend. There's nothing wrong with Kenny, but Mia just doesn't like him as much as her "true love", Michael. Unfortunately, Michael seems to be going out with a brainy girl who can clone fruit flies. And then Mia's got finals, the upcoming "Nondenominational" Winter Dance, a scheming fashion-designer of a cousin, her pregnant mother, and, of course, the pressure of being a princess! Can Mia summon up all her courage, break up with Kenny, and tell Michael how she really feels about him? Hopefully, this spunky and hilarious princess will have a royally fabulous happy ending...
Bookworm really enjoyed this book. Although it is slow at first, the plot picks up over time and ends with the best ending yet!

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Sara said...

These books are hilarious!