Friday, July 11, 2008

How I Saved My Father's Life (And Ruined Everything Else)

Twelve-year-old ballerina Madeline has a normal family that lives in a normal house. They're not rich, but they're happy and love each other: her mom, her dad, Madeline, and her little brother, Cody. But then Madeline's whole life changes when her writer father takes a new assignment: writing about his heli-skiing experience to-be in Idaho. That's when Madeline performs a miracle, rescuing her father from a deadly avalanche and saving his life. Once her father comes home, he divorces Madeline's mother, writes a bestselling book, starts to get thousands of fans, marries a woman who is known for making famous tarts named Ava Pomme, and has a new child with her, all of which Madeline blames her mother for. After all, how can a girl on the road to sainthood concentrate on holy matters when her mother is a weepy mess, stumbling around the kitchen and making gross dishes for her food column in Family magazine? Then a new friend, a once in a lifetime trip to bella Italy, and a new perspective of things come along, and Madeline slowly learns that sometimes the small things in life (like parents, friends, and a religion that you have faith in) are miracles all by themselves.
  Author Ann Hood writes with sincerity in this sweet, engrossing, and touching novel about religion, faith, and family. Readers ages 10 and up will be happy to indulge!

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