Friday, March 20, 2009

Celebrity Skin

Title: Celebrity Skin: Fame Unlimited
Author: Liane Bonin
Pages: 278
Berkeley Jam, 2007
Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Chick Lit
Recommended to: Girls, 13-16
Rating: B
Guest review by: Megan Daly

   Today, Taylor Christensen is hot, glamorous, and famous. Yesterday, not that much. Erin Kim knew Taylor when she was a big dork: braces, glasses, the works. She was there for Taylor when she needed a friend, and has been there ever since. Now that Taylor's star status is growing, she needs a friend more than ever to deal with her overbearing stage mom, paparazzi, and a bad boy. As Erin watches Taylor destroy herself, she struggles to tell the truth as it is.
   I loved how Liane Bonin, the author, brought Erin Kim, a normal teenage girl, into the life of a Hollywood star. This made the book feel more relatable, not just another "confessions of a Hollywood star" type of book. (Although I do love them). Coming from Erin's point of view, we get the other side of the story of a Hollywood star.
   When I first saw this book, I thought to myself, "Ugh. Bad cover. Looks a little weird." Very true. The cover and title are so off from the story. Celebrity Skin? No way. Anyways, I actually liked this book a lot more than I thought. I looked like just another chicklity, fluffy book, but some aspects were deep and sincere. So if you see this book at your local bookstore, go get it. But don't make a special trip.
   Thanks to Liane and the Faye Bender Literary Agency for sending me a copy! And more importantly, thanks to my (awesome, wonderful, amazing) friend Megan Daly for the great guest review. Both Megan and I love these guilt-free, fun Hollywood tales so I knew I'd have to feature her take on the book on my blog.
    Megan has recently started her own block, Chicklita, so be sure to check it out--she is one reviewer to watch! <3


BookWormz said...

this one looks right up my chick-lit-loving alley! :) BTW, I love your name! ;)

Genevieve said...

This book sounds pretty good. I agree about the cover and title but based on your review it sounds like something I'd like to read. :)

Lenore said...

I just read The Elite - are you a fan of that series?

TruBlu93 said...

I had the same reaction to the cover like you did, lol. I guess that's why we're not suppose to judge books by their cover. =)

Anonymous said...

I love the cover.

Now my sources say that you have an award waiting for you...

wdebo said...

That books sounds really good!Good review!

Wdebo :)

chicklita said...

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for reading my review!!
LENORE: I have not read the Elite series, but if you want to send it to me..:-)
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