Monday, March 16, 2009

The Monday Muse: Interview with Regina Scott

Today's Muse: Regina Scott
Author of: La Petite Four (review here)
Bookworm: Welcome, Regina! For starters, please tell us what your inspiration was for the book. 
Regina: I had actually written another book, published in 1999, where an art teacher is required to play escort to four of her students when they visit a handsome earl over Easter holiday and ends up falling in love with the earl herself. La Petite Four were the four girls. Someone was threatening the earl's life, and Lady Emily and her friends ended up solving the mystery. I wanted to write their story ever since!

Bookworm: So, which girl of the La Petite Four are you most like?
Regina: Tough question. There's a little of me in all four girls. I look more like Lady Emily, I love fashion like Priscilla, I'm an avid reader like Ariadne, and I love to fence like Daphne.

Bookworm: If you traveled back in time to when the book was set, what would you miss most about the modern world?
Regina: Toilets. :)

Bookworm: What is your favorite genre of book?
Regina: Romantic adventure. I love a rollicking plot, but I just can't be satisfied unless there's a hero and a heroine falling in love in the process.

Bookworm: Describe your dream dress!
Regina: Another tough question. My costume collection already fills more than a third of my closet. I can tell you the one that I'm most in love with right now. My husband bought it for me for Valentine's Day. It looks rather medieval or perhaps 16th century pirate, with a corseted waist and a cutaway skirt that falls from the hips. It's made of heavy fuchsia satin embroidered with multicolored butterflies. In it I feel truly swoon worthy.

Bookworm: What is your favorite place to travel?
Regina: England. Now, that didn't surprise you, did it.

Bookworm: Will you be writing any more books for teens? Perhaps a sequel *winkwink*?
Regina: I hope so! My editor is considering a sequel to La Petite Four, but this was a very different book for my publisher, so they're waiting a bit before putting out a second. And I have a proposal for another young adult book making the rounds as we speak. Say a prayer!

Bookworm: Oooh, I definitely can't wait. Thanks for joining us this Monday, Regina! (:
Now...regarding March Madness:
Both Regina and I don't have any copies of La Petite Four to spare for giveaway for this week's addition to the contest, so I'm sorry about that. But don't worry. We still have two more Mondays in March, which means two more interviews/giveaways until the contest closes, so make sure to enter for your book of choice by MONDAY, APRIL 6! If you haven't already, go check out the Melissa Walker and Lisa Greenwald interviews for the chance of winning their book! See you next Monday!


Debs Desk said...

Please include me in your giveaway. You have some really great reviews. I enjoy your blog.

KD said...

Oh love the cover for this one! It sounds like its going to be good! and good interview!

Senfaye said...

I want this book soooo badly after you reviewed it! Thanks for all the wonderful contests Bookworm!
-Senfaye :)