Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Life in Pink and Green

Title: My Life in Pink and Green
Author: Lisa Greenwald
Pages: 267
Amulet Books, March 2009
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Recommended to: Girls, 11 and up
Rating: B+

   Twelve-year-old Lucy Desberg can solve nearly any problem, whether it's her best friend's crush, the homecoming queen's hair disaster, or fights between her mom and grandma. But when Lucy overhears that her family's pharmacy is in danger of closing, she knows she has to save it--but how? Then Lucy has an idea--why not use her skills in makeup (she wants to be the next Laura Mercier makeup mogul) to help benefit the pharmacy? Soon, Lucy has customers lining up out the door for all of the dances, parties, bat mitzvahs, weddings, and quinceaƱeras in Old Mill, but will it be enough to save the pharmacy? Lucy has a killer plan that won't only bring in more income for the family business, but it's also environmentally "green"--but how can she get her mom and grandma to understand that she's serious?
   First off, I loved Lucy. Even though she was just twelve, she had such great spunk and was totally savvy, a real businesswoman. She had a great head on her shoulders, and unlike other characters in middle-grade novels, she made a good point that didn't involve complaining and self-pity: instead of being whiny and obnoxious, I found her to be mature and understandable. 
   This book took me forever to read. The first few chapters were totally on-and-off for me, which I hate, due to buttloads of homework, school, and afterschool activities. Plus I don't really like slow beginnings. But once I actually had time to get into the book, I really started enjoying it: all of the great characters, flowing plot that lacked any bumps or confusion, and a unique storyline, which brings me to my next point.
   I loved how MLIPAG was so different from lots of books in the age group. I really liked how Ms. Greenwald incorporated going green into the story, but at the same time not making it boring or annoying. I liked how realistic the dialogue and narration was, and I was really satisfied with the ending. Hopefully there is a sequel in the future: I really want to find out what happens and how the *spoiler* eco-spa turns out! 
   Overall, brava to Ms. Greenwald for writing a creative, refreshing, fun, and light novel (with an adorable, awesome, fantabulous cover--don't you just adore it? The colors, the cucumbers with the recycling signs....)! Be sure to check out the Monday Muse author feature next week, which features Lisa: we'll be giving away a copy of My Life in Pink and Green, which you don't want to miss! 


KD said...

oh this one looks really good! I love the cover, it makes me want to go to the spa. sigh

Lenore said...

I've seen the cover around, but yours is the first review I've read. Sounds like a good one!

Reader Rabbit said...

This one looks really cute. And the cover is prettty awesome :)
Great review, of course.

Nora said...

Wasn't this one cute? I loved how in charge Lucy was--she didn't let other people's doubt mess with what she wanted to do.

sharon54220 said...

Book sounds really good. Please enter me.

Kaitlyn said...

I loved this book it was REALLY good. I am thirteen and somethhings in this book were really great edvice. Especially the beauty tips!

Anonymous said...

How old is Yamir??? AWESOME BOOK!!!!! GREAT FOR GIRLS!!!

cordila said...

i loveed this book finished it in a day and a half but how it endind it seemed like there would be a sequel so i was just wu\ondering is there cuz i thought lisa greenwald only wrote 3 books so far. so i would really like to know if there is a sequel

Anonymous said...

Yamir is i think 13. AWESOME BOOK!!! Read it in 5 hours!! Luv It!!!

Anonymous said...

i read up to chapter 26 and its due tommorrow!!! (school) can someone please tell me what happens at the end!

Anonymous said...

This book is a amazing!!!!! :p