Monday, March 9, 2009

The Monday Muse: Lisa Greenwald and Giveaway!

Today's Muse: Lisa Greenwald
Author of: My Life in Pink and Green (review here)
Want to win a copy of MLIPAG? Rules at the bottom!
Bookworm: Welcome, Lisa! So, to start off, please tell us: Is My Life in Pink and Green based off of a personal experience?
Lisa: MLIPAG is a little bit based on personal experience. My grandfather was a pharmacist and my mom would help out at the store on weekends and during school vacations. I loved hearing their stories about pharmacy life.

Bookworm: How are you and Lucy alike? How are you different?
Lisa: I think Lucy and I are alike in some ways. We both worry and try to help and make situations better. But Lucy is a little bit more confident than I am. She doesn't get upset when people don't invite her to parties and I really do. I hate being left out. Lucy doesn't worry about stuff like that as much as I do. It's a little embarrassing to admit that, but it's the truth!

Bookworm: Who is your favorite character in the story?
Lisa: My favorite character is Sunny because even though she's not the narrator, she's a huge part of the story. She does so much to help Lucy and is such a good friend. I also really love her family.

Bookworm: I agree--Sunny is great! Anyway, if the book were made into a movie, who would be your choices to play each character?
Lisa: I think Abigail Breslin or Miranda Cosgrove would be good for Lucy, but they're getting a little too old for the part, so we'll see. I'd have an open casting call to find the perfect Sunny and Yamir. For Lucy's mom, I'd pick either Laura Linney or Mary Louise Parker. For Lucy's grandma, I first thought Mimi Weddell but now I'm thinking Ellen Burstyn. [Bookworm: I totally agree on Abigail and Ellen--they'd rock those parts!]

Bookworm: If you weren't an author, what profession would you choose? Would you want to be involved in cosmetics like Lucy?
Lisa: I'm not sure if I would want to be involved in cosmetics because I don't think I'm as good as Lucy is at doing makeup! But I would love to either work in a fancy hotel at the front desk, be a matchmaker or a job coach. I love helping people find jobs!

Bookworm: Speaking of cosmetics, what's your favorite lip gloss flavor?
Lisa: Definitely strawberry!

Bookworm: What is your favorite place to travel?
Lisa: I love traveling to warm places, where there's a beach and a pool, lots of lounge chairs, and warm sunshine on my face!

Bookworm: What book have you read recently and LOVED?
Lisa: I really loved Everything Beautiful in the World by Lisa Levchuk (and not just because we have the same first name!). I also loved Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids' letters to Barack Obama.

Bookworm: Sounds good! Are you planning on writing more books for tweens and teens?
Lisa: Yes, I am! I am working on a few different ideas right now. I love writing for tweens and teens and hope to do it forever and ever!
Thanks so much, Lisa, for the awesome interview and congrats on the book's release!
If you want to win a copy of My Life In Pink and Greem through my new giveaway feature this month, March Madness, comment below--March could be your lucky month!
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