Monday, January 7, 2008

13 Going on 30

13 year old Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) wishes she were popular and sophisticated. So on her 13th birthday, she wishes to be a fabulous, flirty, thirty years old. But the next morning she wakes up exactly that-30 years old and with a job and a futuristic life! Now she's gorgeous, famous, and the editor of a well-known fashion magazine! But soon Jenna discovers that sometimes being grown up isn't as fun and fabulous as it seems. For example, she learns that shortly after her 13th birthday, she ditched her best friend for the popular crowd, and no longer has his faithful shoulder to cry on. Can Jenna fix her future before it's too late to change her new 30-year-old ways forever? The wonderful 5 star movie appeals to the kid in everyone, and that it's never too late to fix a bad reputation and fix terrible mistakes from the past. Jennifer Garner is excellent in this sweet flick. Rated PG-13. 

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