Friday, January 18, 2008

The Wish

Gail Carson Levine, award-winning author of Ella Enchanted has also written a fabulously fun book for middle-grade readers, titled The Wish. In this sweet story, an ordinary subway ride is turned into a fabulous beginning for Wilma. When she gives up her seat for an elderly lady, the woman supposedly promises to grant Wilma a wish--any wish/ So Wilma wishes to have her lifelong dream-to be the most popular kid at her school, Claverford Junior High. But Wilma forgets that she's graduating in 3 weeks-and by then her wish--and popularity- will be worn off.  And Wilma's already made great friends in Nina, Daphne, Ardis and BeeBee-the most popular girls at school! Can Wilma save her popularity? Or will she have ti give up her fabulous new reputation? Although this is a great novel about being happy who you ready are, Bookworm found that the author was trying to hard to appeal to girls who are worried about their popularity. There are already enough books about this! 

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