Monday, January 28, 2008

The Princess and the Pauper

Julia Johnson is just a normal girl living in  LA. She and her mother struggle to pay their cheap apartment's rents monthly, and both are afraid of eviction. So when Carina, Princess of Vineland, comes to Julia's school to make a speech, Julia couldn't care less. After all, she has bigger things to worry about. 
   Meanwhile, Carina is sick of being perfect. She wants to be a regular girl, just for one day. She wants to escape the cameras of the press, the watchful eyes of her advisor, and go and meet the rock star she's been corresponding with for a year. But how can she, with security guards buzzing around all the time? So when she meets Julia, she comes up with a master plan. The two look-alikes will switch places for one day. While Carina pays Julia ten thousand dollars (which could help out with the rent), Julia can't say no. So before she knows it, she's a princess! And Carina's a normal girl for one day. She'll finally be able to meet up with her favorite rock star! But will both girls blow their  covers? And what's Julia supposed to do when she falls in love with Carina's fiancee Markus? Kate Brian has woven a sweet tale about friendship and being proud of who you are.

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That book was fantastic it was very funny.