Friday, January 25, 2008

Two Steps Forward

The Steps are back in this funny and sweet sequel to Rachel Cohn's previous novel, The Steps. This time, the whole (step) family is in LA for the summer. And while Annabel is less than thrilled about spending three months in smoggy, hot LA, her stepsister Lucy loves her new non-Australian home. And even though Annabel is moody as always, Lucy is thrilled at the idea of spending three whole months with her stepsister and best friend in her beautiful new American home: shopping, visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame, eating fab American cuisine, scouting out all of the Hollywood stars, and going to Catalina Island for a rainy weekend of camping and fun. But what she's not expecting is that Wheaties, Annabel's geeky new stepbrother, is following her around like a puppy! And Wheaties doesn't understand why Lucy's ignoring him. But Wheaties is not the only new guy in town -- Annabel's Australian crush (and Lucy's former stepbrother) is making a surprise visit to LA. Will it be totally awkward or awesome for Annabel? And can she figure out if her mother and her new stepdad are getting along? The one thing that everyone knows for sure is that it's going to be an exciting summer!

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