Wednesday, January 2, 2008

High Fashion

Olivia Bourne-Cecil, a British blueblood and society girl is used to living the high life. So when she moves to the Big Apple-yes, New York City itself-she has a lot to learn. First of all, she has to share a loft in SoHo with five other girls. And to top that off, she has to make her own bed, do her own laundry, cook her own food, and wash her own dishes. So it's time to get independent.  But then Liv's wealthy parents start intervening in her love life, and things get out of control..... It's time for Liv to be her own person, now. Can Liv work out her life before the end of the summer? Will she be flying home to England before she can say "No"? Will Liv reveal too much of her personal life to her crush? And, more importantly, can Liv come up with a brilliant article for Flirt in a short period of time?
This third book of the fabulous Flirt series is just as wonderful as the first two! 

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