Sunday, January 27, 2008


Virgil (Jason Dolley) is a major geek, ever since freshman year of high school, when his best friend betrayed him for the popular crowd. So now, in senior year of high school, he spends his time with shrimpy Charlie, child genius, pretending that he doesn't miss his old (popular) friends. But that's before Charlie has a brilliant idea. At first, Virgil thinks it's just another one of Charlie's crazy mad scientist inventions--but that's before Charlie (with help from Virgil and unlikely new friend Zeke) invent the world's first time machine. Here, the boys can go back in time and fix situations that shouldn't have occurred (like bullies beating a kid up or the high school football team losing a game). Everyone knows that this trio in snowsuits who call themselves the Minutemen are true heroes! But then there's a glitch in the time machine that could affect the whole world. Yikes! The Minutemen are running out of time to save the day....Can they? Or will the whole world be doomed? This Disney flick is sure to be a favorite of fans of Cory In the House (with Jason Dolley as well) and Read It And Weep. Rated PG. 

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