Friday, January 4, 2008

Lucky T

Carrie Fitzgerald has it all: good grades, perfect friends, a cute boyfriend, and a rare spot on her high school's varsity basketball team. But then Carrie's luck (which there is a lot of) takes a change for the worse. Much worse. Carrie's boyfriend dumps her, her best friend Piper is mad at her, she flunks her biology test, her pet fish dies, and it seems like she's constantly grouchy these days. And Carrie knows why her luck is so rotten- her mother has donated Carrie's lucky T-shirt, the one from her divorced father, to Help India. And that one shirt that was her source of fortune is now across the world. So Carrie does the unthinkable. That's right. This once-lucky girl sets off for India to track down her lucky shirt and get her good fortune back once and for all. But Carrie will discover more than clothing in India: while working at a local children's shelter, this privileged American girl finds romance, adventure, and learns how lucky (T shirt or no T shirt) she truly is. 
   Kate Brian has created a beautiful and fun story that young readers will love forever and ever.

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