Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Bridesmaid

After years of watching mothers-of-the-brides throw temper tantrums, seeing brides have freakouts over mini-quiches, and viewing rowdy wedding guests throw plates at each other, Abigail Lynn Beaumont wants nothing to do with the family wedding-planning business at her home, the Dove's Roost Chateau. Besides, she'd rather be on the soccer field or goofing off with Noah, the cute and funny son of a well-known baker. But then Abby's normal sister Carol announces that she's getting married, and Abby is shocked. Carol's gone mad, especially since she and Abby swore that they'd never get caught up in wedding craziness. Will Abby go nuts too? Her parents already have....Will Carol turn into a Bridezilla? Will she really walk down the aisle? Can Abby figure out everything (including her relationship with Noah) so that Carol can have the wedding of her dreams? Or will it drive them all crazy in the process? Written by Hailey Abbott, The Bridesmaid is a fun and sweet story that girls in grades 7-9 will love!


Caroline Beech said...

Hi Bookworm and co.!
I read this book and liked it. If readers liked this book, they'd really like the series "the wedding planner's daughter" by colleen murtagh paratore. Just a suggestion... Thanks!
--Caroline Beech

Bookworm said...

Hi Caroline!
Thanks for your suggestion. As a matter of fact, "The Wedding Planner's Daughter" is just sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for me to devour it! The review will be up soon!
Thanks for the suggestion. Keeps on reading and writing!
Your book-loving friend,