Friday, January 4, 2008

Ella Enchanted

Ella of Frell (Anne Hathaway) was given a horrible gift when she was born by the fairy Lucinda: the gift of obedience. It might not sound bad, but if you give one command (such as, "Ella, eat your spinach"), she will do so until you tell her to stop. So when her two evil new stepsisters, Hattie and Olive, start using it to hurt her, Ella embarks on a quest to find Lucinda and free herself of this curse once and for all! But along the way, Ella encounters ogres, giants, dwarves, evil kings, and falls in love....Will it be a happily-ever-after for this adventurous princess? Although this fun-filled and vivacious movie will satisfy its viewers, Bookworm strongly recommends reading Gail Carson Levine's book Ella Enchanted before watching the movie that was inspired from it. Readers and fans of Ella will find that the movie hardly compares itself to the bestselling novel.
Rated PG.

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