Friday, January 18, 2008

LBD: Live and Fabulous!

The LBD (Les Bambinos Dangereuses, or Ronnie Ripperton, Claude Cassiera, and Fleur Swan) can't believe their luck. They were planning on having just an ordinary summer -- but that was before ultra-famous rock star & music god Spike Saunders sent this terrific trio (free!) tickets to the hottest event of the summer-the Astlebury Music Festival. That's right. A whole 3 days of partying, sleeping in cozy tents under the stars with your best friends, guys, fab music from all the greatest bands, funky shops, henna tattoos, and much, much more. But what the LBD didn't expect was getting their well-planned attire ruined by mud and rain galore, gross bathrooms and showers, having the chance to help the best-known rock star ever, and having one of the LBD herself get lost.....for good? Can the LBD manage to make their latest adventure as fab as ever? This second book in the LBD series by Grace Dent is fantastic. You'll want to keep reading Live and Fabulous until the very last page!

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