Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Clique: The Pretty Committee Strikes Back

Massie, Claire, Alicia, and Dylan (as well as the rest of their class at OCD) are headed to Lake Placid, NY, for three days filled with orienteering, surviving the wild, and....Briarwood boys? All of the girls are more than excited to spend quality time with their crushes. And then Massie sets up MUCK, or Massie's Underground Clinic for Kissing, even though she has no boy experience whatsoever! Will she lose her position as queen bee if the girls find out she's a fake? And will she get to kiss Derrington, finally? Meanwhile, Kristen is stuck at home because her parents refuse to pay the hefty amount for her to go on the trip. But she just might find a way to make it work..... And Dylan's sick to her stomach after seeing her mother flirt with their woodsy geography teacher. Plus, she's got the whole camera crew at the camping trip! Alicia and her new friend Olivia are trying to scout out who Josh, Alicia's crush, really likes, but if it's not her, will Alicia be heartbroken? Meanwhile, Claire has gotten an awful new bangs trim, but she doesn't care now. Cam seems to have dumped her, and Claire's afraid their done. And without a kiss, too! Can these girls make their weekend in the woods work out? Or will they b on a bus back to Westchester before they can say "pucker up"?
Recommended for grades 7-9.


Dylan Hester said...

oh my gosh i think that this is the best book of the whole clique series (and it doesn't have to do with one of the characters sharing my name)! (: its soooo funny and sooooo awesome....I wish I went to OCD! it really make you want to see lake placid yourself--clique style!
PS derrington= (:

SophiRoxs:) said...

I love thhis series!! I just finished the invasion of the boy snatchers and i am desperate to get this book