Saturday, November 10, 2007

Penny from Heaven

Penny Falucci is an Italian American girl living in New Jersey. She wishes that she could go swimming or to the movies, but her mom is afraid of her catching polio. Her Italian grandmother, Nonny, who always dresses in black, cries every time she sees Penny, because Penny’s father, Nonny’s favorite son, was killed years ago and Penny reminded everyone of him. Penny’s uncle Dominic lives in a car. Her mother wants to marry the milkman. Penny relies on her cousin Frankie to help her get through the summer of 1953. This story is great, and moving, a little sad. It was the perfect combination. I completely understand why it won the Newberry Honors! Jennifer L. Holm is a wonderful story teller, and this is truly a marvelous book.

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