Monday, November 19, 2007

My Last Best Friend

my Last Best Friend, by Julie Bowe, is about a girl named Ida May. After her last best friend, Elizabeth, moves far away, Ida vows never to have another best friend again. But then Stacey Merriweather-who's shiny and glittery and popular and fun- moves to town, and she's smiling at Ida May.....Soon Ida finds herself smiling back and forgetting about her vow. Will Ida and Stacey become friends? And more friends? But Ida doesn't want that. Or does she?
If you want a charming, simple, yet sweet story about friendship, then "My Last Best Friend" is perfect! This book is best for grades 4-5.



Bookworm said...

Hello Amanda, and welcome to Bookworm Readers, Inc.! Thank you for your lovely post, and at this time I would like to remind all readers are encouraged to post reviews, comments, or poetry on our site! Once again, thank you for visiting, and we here at Bookworm Readers wish you the happiest Thanksgiving!
For one thing, I am thankful for book!
Happy Reading (and turkey-eating),

juliebowe said...

Dear Bookworm,
Thanks so much for posting Amanda's great review of My Last Best Friend! (Thanks, Amanda! I'm so happy you liked my book!) I thought I'd let Bookworm Readers know that MLBF will be coming out in paperback in May. It will include a sneak peek of the sequel, which will be published next fall! The sequel is called My New Best Friend. :) It involves a spooky mermaid nightlight, myths, and green hair! ;)
Thanks again for making my day! Keep reading!

With friendship,
Julie Bowe