Friday, November 9, 2007

The Lulu Baker Trilogy

Here comes a fresh, exciting, magical new series from talented British author Fiona Dunbar! Lulu Baker is a young chef with a secret: she owns a magical cookbook called The Apple Star that holds the oddest recipes: cakes that will make people fall in love, cookies that will make you blurt out the truth, chocolates that will make your wildest dreams come true. 
  Join Lulu as she creates magical recipe after magical recipe...while trying to avoid her evil stepmother Varaminta LeBone from figuring out her secret and stealing the magical cookbook!
Read all three of these fabulous, fast-paced stories:

Book #1: The Truth Cookies
Book #2: Cupid Cakes
Book #3: Chocolate Wishes

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Bookworm said...

Word has come to Bookworm that Fiona Dunbar has just created a new British series of books for young readers called "The Silk Sisters". The first book is called "Pink Chameleon" and unfortunately hasn't arrived to the US, but hopefully it will soon......before fans of Fiona Dunbar burst with excitement!