Sunday, November 18, 2007

Julep O'Toole: Confessions of a Middle Child

(Written by Trudi Trueit)

Julep O'Toole feels invisible. As a middle child, she feels squished like an egg salad sandwich (DON'T EAT BEFORE GYM CLASS!) in between her perfect older sister Harmony and her younger brother Cooper, who gets lots of attention due to his many allergies. But then Julep gets an invitation to the most popular girl in school's Halloween party, and considers this as a chance to finally show how visible she really is to everyone. Can she prove to herself that she really is visible? She is stuck between being the Julep everyone loves or the Julep she loves. Will she shine or will she be doomed to be Invisible Girl forever?
   Julep is a hysterical, relatable character that I think readers will be able to relate to--whether you're a middle child or not!

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Trudi Trueit said...

Thanks Lena and Bookworm!
I am touched by your kind comments about my work. Growing up, I was a voracious reader (and writer). The books I found myself drawn to again and again were the ones about ordinary girls who found themselves in extraordinary situations. I knew I wanted Julep to be a fun and light-hearted series but it was also important to me that she be real. Julep is for everyone who has ever had an 'egg salad moment!' Charaters that ring true are the ones we cheer for, the ones who stay with us long after we turn the final page. What more could a writer hope for than that?
Warmest Wishes,
Trudi Trueit
p.s. Love your blog, Bookworm! Books rock!