Thursday, November 29, 2007

Into the Wild

Into the Wild is a fun romp through classic fairy tales by a talented and brilliant author, Sarah Beth Durst.
   Julie is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary family-her mother is the infamous Rapunzel and her brother is the crafty Puss-In-Boots (that's right, a cat). Her mother is the guardian of The Wild, a fairy tale world (before the fairy tale creatures such as Julie's mom escaped), but today it's just a tangled pile of vines living under Julie's bed. 
   But then someone makes a terrible mistake: they make an awful wish, and sets The Wild free. The Wild quickly devours Julie's Massachusetts town-including all of the people she knows and loves-even her own mother! Except this time, The Wild wants its characters back--for good. 
   Julie must journey deep into the Wild, outsmarting scary giants, wicked witches, cute princes, and evil queens in a quest to save her friends and family. Julie must risk everything to save them.....or else there will never be a happily-ever-after. 
   Full of adventure, excitement, and humor, Into the Wild  is a book you'll want to read again and again!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE Sarah Beth Durst's book! it's sooooo amazing! For those of you who haven't read it, you absolutely HAVE TO! It's so magical!
-- Do you know if there's going to be a sequel?

Bookworm said...

Hello Ivy!
Thanks for your post. It's great to know that another reader out there loves Into the Wild (almost) as much as I do!I found it a light and pleasurable read, too! It's one of those books that you never want to end....
Anyhow, to answer your question, yes, there will be a sequel to "Into the Wild". After checking out Sarah Beth Durst's awesome website (, I learned that her sequel to "Into the Wild" will be "Out of the Wild", coming in June 2008! Hopefully it's worth the wait!
For more information, check out Ms. Durst's site!
Happy reading,

Sarah Beth Durst said...

Thank you for the wonderful review, Bookworm! And thanks for your kind comments, Ivy! I'm so happy that you both liked Into the Wild!

Into the Wild is really a dream-come-true for me. I have wanted to be a writer since I was ten years old. I know this is going to sound corny, but I think that being a writer is the closest you can get to being a wizard. You get to create something (or try to create something!) out of just what's floating around in your head.

If anyone reading this is like me and dreams of being a writer, I hope you'll stick with it. Best advice anyone ever gave me was to keep writing, to write every day, to make it as much of a habit as brushing your teeth, and to never stop.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow! This book is prbly the best I've ever read.
Go fantasy!