Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator

Gilda Joyce debuts in her first novel by Jennifer Allison as a funky, fresh thirteen year old who has psychic powers and believes she can communicate with "the other side". The perfect opportunity presents itself when Gilda persuades her long-lost uncle to let her stay in his (and his thirteen year old daughter, Juliet)'s house in San Francisco. But little does Gilda know, a tortured ghost of Gilda's uncle's sister, Melanie (who died by jumping from a window off of a tower) haunts the spooky tower next to the grand Victorian house that the Splinter family lives in. And Gilda's uncle seems like he has a lot to hide....
   Soon Gilda and Juliet are working together to solve the mystery and uncover many deadly secrets......
   Witty and humorous, readers will love Gilda!


Bookworm said...

December's Feature: Interview with Jennifer Allison


When I first started writing Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator, I simply
wanted to write a story about a girl whose family was coping with a
difficult situation - the loss of a parent. Gilda's passion for writing
and her desire to develop psychic skills to solve mysteries were partly
a response to her experience of loss. Gilda had developed some very
unique coping mechanisms, and she emerged as a very strong and colorful
character - someone who couldn't quite be contained in a single book.

In Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator, I also wanted Gilda and her cousin
Juliet to explore a fundamental question: what is inside the locked
tower at the Splinter mansion? My experience of living in San Francisco
and exploring the colorful and sometimes spooky Victorian houses that
filled the neighborhoods was one of the inspirations for the story of
the boarded-up tower. My editor nudged me to play up the mystery aspect
of the novel, which enhanced its appeal. I'm thrilled that readers of
the Gilda Joyce novels are eager for her to pursue ongoing adventures.


I hope they feel inspired by Gilda's character: inspired to be
themselves, and inspired to write, explore, or be creative in some way.

When I was growing up I always loved books that gave me the sense that I
had just discovered a new best friend. I'm thrilled when I hear that one
of the Gilda Joyce books gave a reader that same feeling. I also love
hearing from readers who tell me they laughed out loud when reading the
books. To put it simply: I hope that the Gilda Joyce novels make you
feel better if you're having a bad day.

Did you learn anything about yourself during the process of making
GHOST SONATA, or any of the other GILDA titles?

While I was writing The Ghost Sonata, I had intense memories of my
background as a piano performance student entering numerous piano
competitions. Like Wendy Choy, I studied with a piano teacher who had a
very strong personality and a talent for pushing her students to
achieve. She helped teach me discipline, how to stay tough under
pressure, and the commitment required to excel at an art form. But
during those years I also experienced conflict between wanting to be
perfect and please others and wanting to be free to become my own
person. One thing concert pianists can't do is make mistakes, and kids
need to be free to make a few mistakes.

As I wrote The Ghost Sonata, I found myself identifying with both the
kids and the adults in this novel, which explores themes of pride versus
disappointment and independence versus belonging between teachers,
parents, and kids. I think striking a balance between pleasing others
and listening to our own "inner voices" can be a lifelong struggle. As a
parent, I'm sometimes reminded that my children are not put here to
please me or to make me "proud." I am extremely proud of them, of
course, but I know that my ability to help them requires that I see them
as very separate people - something that is occasionally a challenge for

What are you working on now?

I'm very excited about the next book in the Gilda Joyce series, which is set in Washington, DC and explores an espionage theme.

Melissa Walker said...

I read this book and loved it! Gilda is a great character!

Senfaye said...

The Gilda Joyce books are amazing I can't wait for the fourth one!!!!!