Friday, November 9, 2007

Hoop Girlz

If you are a sports-loving girl and want a book strictly about girls who play sports, Bookworm highly recommends the book Hoop Girlz by Lucy Jane Bledsoe. This thrillingly sweet novel is about a girl named River Jacobs who loves basketball so much, she wants to be in the WNBA one day. So she does what any basketball-loving girl would do: she tries out for her school's basketball A team, but ends up being placed on the B team, much to her disappointment. This is where all the "misfits" go, including a girl in a wheelchair and her little sister, along with a bunch of girls with a bad attitude. The girls have nothing: talent, a court or jerseys. But there is one very important thing that all seven or so of them posess: fun! So they form their own team and call themselves the Hoop Girlz. Will the Hoop Girlz be able to defeat the A Team? Here comes a great story of determination and passion that girls ages 8-12 will adore.


Cailin Douglas said...

This book rox! Seriously, Hoop Girlz is one of the best books I've EVER read. I couldn't put it down. I really like how there are books about sports for girlz, most are about boys. Totally unfair! Girls will also like "Miracle on 49th Street" by Mike Lupica if they enjoy a rousing book about girls and basketball! I think there's already a post on here about "Miracle" so check it out!

lucy jane bledsoe said...

Hey Bookworm Readers!

Thanks for liking my book. I'm so glad you do. I've always loved basketball, and you're right, Cailin, there are so FEW books about girls playing sports! Take care. Have fun reading.

Lucy Jane Bledsoe

cailin douglas said...

Oh my gosh! That's so cool that you actually got Lucy Jane Bledsoe on your site. That's so awesome! Thanks so much!
<3 Cailin

Bookworm said...

Hello Cailin--
Thanks for your wonderful comments. Yes, it's great that Lucy Jane Bledsoe left a comment on our site-- she is truly a wonderful person (and author!) Did you know that Lucy Jane has written other books for girls, too?
Yep. She has. I'm sure that if you liked "Hoop Girlz", you'd like "The Antarctic Scoop" and "Cougar Canyon". You could get these from Lucy's website,, your local bookstore, or a library! Happy reading,