Saturday, November 10, 2007

Truth and Salsa

Hayley is leaving Kalamazoo, Michigan, for San Miguel de Allende in Mexico while her parents suffer a hard seperation. While in Mexico for her six months of living with her grandmother, Hayley changes her name to “Margarita”, makes a new friend out of Lili from next door, is an extra in a real Hollywood movie, and learns about a ghost living in her Gran’s house.
In Mexico, Hayley learns that things aren’t as colorful as the bright Mexican masks in Gran’s living room. Lili’s family is overcome by poverty, and her father is sent to Michigan to pick crops for money to send back to San Miguel. Also, Hayley and Lili find spooky letters on an old computer from the ghost’s daughter. How did the ghost die? Did the daughter kill him? Hayley and Lili are determined to make the ghost happy and to free his haunting spirit from Gran’s house. Whil Hayley is in Mexico, she also learns the truth about her parents divorce, about her family history, about the ghost, and surprisingly, about herself.
This book was written so nicely. I love how the author, Lind Lowery, described the vivid color of Mexico. I felt like I could imagine Gran’s little casa in my head. The author made everything feel so real. I give this book five stars and a huge recommendation!
(written by Linda Lowery)


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