Friday, November 9, 2007

Miracle on 49th Street

Miracle on 49th Street, written by bestselling sports reporter and author Mike Lupica, is about an orphan named Molly living in Boston. Then she meets a famous basketball player-and instantly believes that he is her father. She manages to persuade him that she is, but he doesn't believe her. Molly doesn't give up, but will he finally give in to the truth? Or will Molly be orphaned forever? A lovingly told story about family and basketball.
    I know that Mike Lupica normally writes sports stories with boys as the protagonist, but I think that Miracle could go both ways. I think everyone can identify a quality that they share with Molly. Overall, I'm hoping that Mr. Lupica will possibly write a sequel, because Molly was a very strong, bold character that made a great protagonist.


The Washington Family said...

Hi all,
After reading about this book on your blog, I bought it for my son. He is a ten year old boy, very energetic and athletic, and it's always been a struggle making him read. So when I brought home this book, he was very reluctant to read it. The next thing I know, he's totally absorbed in it ("Go away, Mom, I'm reading"). And then we went to the bookstore to get the rest of Mike Lupica's books. We wanted to shout out to Bookworm with a hearty thanks for reccommending this book. I'm so happy that Sam enjoyed it!
Heartfelt thanks from
Joy, Sam, and Harry Washington

Anonymous said...

I love this book and would love to read the sequel. If there is a sequel I would love to know! So please keep me posted. Thank you.

Miracle Lover!