Saturday, November 10, 2007

Poor Little Witch Girl

(written by Marie Desplechin)
Poor Little Witch Girl is about a young girl named Verbena who is a witch! Her mother is highly disturbed that she is not showing any kind of powers, and decides to make her take lessons with her grandmother, Anastabotte. But Verbena’s mind is set on not becoming a witch, but Anastabotte might just convince her that being a witch can be interesting and fun, too.
This book was translated from French into English. The original name was Verte, by Ecole de Loisirs in 1997. Poor Little Witch Girl is an award-winning, popular book in France, the first of Marie Desplechin’s novels to be brought the the USA.
Poor Little Witch Girl was told by four points of view: Ursula, Verbena’s mother, Anastabotte, Verbena’s grandmother, Verbena herself, the poor little witch girl, and Soufi, a boy in her class.
This story was funny! I recommend it if you want a short and easy read.


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