Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia

Nerdy Berdette Weaver (aka "Bird") is a sixth grader whose main goals in life are to get fame and glory and to visit Disney World. But her town of Freedom, Georgia is no place to pursue these wild dreams. In this dinky little town, she has no friends and barely anything exciting happens. But that's before Harlem, a boy with an attitude and a bad record, comes to town. And it's just her luck when her school announces that it's going to have a spelling bee. Even better yet, the winner gets to go to Disney World! So Bird decides that she's going to make Harlem be her partner, and possibly even her friend! But it's going to be harder than it looks, especially since Harlem is one stubborn kid...Can Bird win the bee, make friends with Harlem, show the world that Harlem is actually a very nice kid, and find fame and glory? It's a long shot, but this sweet and sassy character is sure going to try! Readers will love author Barbara O' Connor's wonderful style of writing, and will be rooting Bird on from start to finish.


Barbara O'Connor said...

Thanks for the shout-out for Bird and Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia! It's always nice to hear what readers think. That story started for me with the two characters of Bird and Harlem. I had them in my imagination, but I didn't know what their story was. I tried to think of something that would bring them together. Then one day I saw a spelling bee on television and I knew that would be the story.

The character of Mr. Moody was inspired by an elderly man who lived next door to me many years ago. His name was Gus. He wore a radio tied around his neck and he collected cans.

Bird was inspired by the many spunky kids I see in schools that I visit. I sometimes see kids who are bright and spirited but who, for some reason, are picked on or ignored. So I wanted Bird to find some way to "triumph."

I created Miss Delphine because Bird really needed a friend.

I hope you'll look for my new book, coming out this spring: Greetings from Nowhere.

Barbara O'Connor

Bookworm said...

Dear Barbara,
Welcome to Bookworm Readers and thank you so much for your wonderfully enriching comment! "Greetings from Nowhere" sounds wonderful! I'll be sure to check it out! Good luck and many thanks,