Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sahara Special

When her mother discovered the unmailed letters (instead of homework assignments) to her father (who had left the family), Sahara Jones is immediately put into Special Ed classes at school and being talked to by guidance counselors 24/7. It's hard for Sahara to fit in with the rest of her class, and she documents these hardships in her secret journals, stashed between stacks of books in the school library. Sahara begins to stop doing her homework assignments altogether, resulting in having to repeat fifth grade again. But this year, fifth grade's going to be different. There's a new teacher in town. Miss Poitier (Miss Pointy), is unlike any teacher that Sahara's had. And maybe, just maybe, Sahara will get through this school year with a little fun here and there. Esmé Raji Codell has created a sweet and lovable story that will appeal to readers in grades 4-6.

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