Friday, February 22, 2008

Nim's Island

Nim is a young girl living alone on a remote tropical island with her father, Jack, a pet iguana named Fred, and her pet seal named Selkie. When Jack sets off for a three-day expedition to study plankton, Nim's on her own on the island. But then Jack's boat gets wrecked in a storm, delaying him yet another two weeks, and the only way Nim can communicate with her dad is sending messages via frigate bird. Life is never dull for Nim on the island. There's food to be found, places to explore, the hut to clean, and games to be played with her animal friends. And, of course, it's her duty to keep a pack of evil tourists away from their secret island! But real adventure begins when Nim starts corresponding via e-mail with a bestselling adventure novelist named Alex Rover, who has never been out of the house and is terrified of the world outside her door. When trouble brews on the island in the form of a huge tropical storm and a volcano erupting, Nim calls on Alex Rover for help. But will Nim herself end up saving the day? Wendy Orr's sweet novel is a breath of tropical air, with Kerry Millard's wonderful black-and-white illustrations nicely peppering up the fantastic novel. Fans of Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking and kids in grades 3-5 will enjoy this adventurous novel for young people.

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Kelli Nelson said...

did u know that nims island is being made into a movie? i do! and i cant wait for it to come out! its starring abigail breslin (from "little miss sunshine") and jody foster! the book was good, but the movie looks excellent, too!
soooo excited!

-a fan