Friday, February 29, 2008

LBD: It's A Girl Thing

Veronica, Fleur, and Claude (Les Bambinos Dangereuses or the LBD) are totally, completely bummed out. Their evil fun-hating parents won't let them go to the Astlebury Music Festival, the biggest music event of the year! The girls think that their fifteen year old lives are over when they get the news. But, have no fear. Soon after, these three fabulous friends come up with an even better idea: if they can't go to the music, then the music will have to come to them! That's right: the terrific trio decides to have their very own music festival at school, nicknaming it Blackwell Live! There'll be live music performed by the most talented (and cute)members of Blackwell School. But it's going to be harder then it looks to the LBD: there's big egos, grouchy roadies, finding enough money to pay for it all, a fun-hating headmaster, mean girls, cute boys, great music, a big surprise, and a whole lot of fun-LBD style! Will Blackwell Live be a bust? And what's going on with Ronnie's parents?


sylvia said...

Looks cute.

Anonymous said...

What's with the cover?
The thong one, I mean.