Saturday, February 9, 2008

Girl Overboard

Everyone thinks Syrah Cheng's got it all. After all, her father is a multibillionaire and Syrah's got everything any kid would ever want: her own art studio, beautiful room, hefty allowance, and custom-designed snowboards. But this privileged girl's life is definitely not perfect. It seems like her "friends" only want her for her parent's money. Her best friend in the whole world is ditching her for his girlfriend, and both are drawing farther and farther apart from each other. Her half-siblings can't stand her. Her mother is always disgusted by her unladylike habits. And, worst of all, after a tragic snowboarding accident, Syrah is too banged up to pursue her dream as a champion snowboarder. Can Syrah heal her heart and bruised body as she tries to break away from her former image as "daughter of Ethan Cheng" and find who she really is? Justina Chen Headley has created an interesting novel about family, friends, and finding the true meaning of being yourself. Although it's seemingly slow in the beginning, "Girl Overboard" proves to be a true treasure.


Anonymous said...

Bookworm, I thought that this book was hard to get caught up in, and I really didn't like it. Why did you like it??

Bookworm said...

Dear Anonymous,
I'm sorry you didn't enjoy "Girl Overboard" as much as I did. (: I liked it because it's unique and was very fun to read. Yes, it was a bit slow at first, but didn't it lead up to a fantastic surprise ending? I thought so!

Best wishes,