Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Touching Spirit Bear

Cole Matthews is a boy with a history of violence and anger. But when he smashes Peter Driscal's head into the sidewalk, the court decides that this is his last chance. So Cole is having to make a decision: either face jail or the alternative, Native American Circle Justice, healing through isolation. Of course, Cole does what any kid trying to avoid jail would do: he applies for Circle Justice, thinking it'll be the easy way out. But just days into Cole's banishment on a faraway Alaskan island, he is attacked by a bear. But not just any bear. Could this strange white bear be the mysterious Spirit Bear, a legend among the Native Alaskans? Cole nearly dies from the mauling, and soon realizes that life is a privilege. Could this attack make Cole's attitude for life change? Or will it destroy him altogether? Ben Mikaelsen has created a haunting, fast-paced story that teaches an important lesson. Touching Spirit Bear would most likely appeal to mainly boys.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bookworm,
I think that "Touching Spirit Bear" wasn't that great. We read it in school, and I disliked it. I thought it was boring and gross. I don't recommend it to anyone.