Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trouble Under Oz

Sisters Em and Dori (descendants of The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy Gale) are back in this thrilling sequel to Sherwood Smith's fantastic fantasy novel The Emerald Wand of Oz. This time, there's big trouble in both Oz and back home in Kansas. Creepy clouds are constantly hanging over the Emerald City, and the girls' friend Rik (whom they met in the first novel), prince of the Nome kingdom, has decided to get his throne as king back in Nome, and some scary inhabitants of neighboring kingdoms want to declare war on the Nomes-which could be big trouble for the underground kingdom. So Princess Ozma of Oz sends out a help signal to the two sisters through the magical snowglobe that took Dori and Em to Oz in their first adventure. But only one sister can respond to Princess Ozma's call because of trouble and home. So while Dori tries to keep the Nomes from starting a war, Em is struggling with their arguing parents and a nosy neighbor. Can Oz and Nomes be saved? And will Em blow Dori's cover back home? Trouble Under Oz, an exciting and adventure-packed novel, won't disappoint readers!

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