Friday, February 15, 2008

My Life Starring Mum

Hollywood Bliss Winterman is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary mother. Yup, that's right--her mother is the ultra-rich mega-popstar Kandhi. So when Holly is yanked out of school due to some "nasty threats" aimed at Kandhi, it's no surprise. Holly is used to her mother's drama. That's before Holly is plunked down in a hotel in London with absolutely nothing to do. And the worst part is that Kandhi's trying to turn Holly into a mini-version of herself, even though Holly would much rather become a vet! With this comes drama, hilarious moments, an annoying possible-stepbrother, secret shopping trips, a cute tutor, a surprise trip to Paris, movie auditions, and much, much more! One things for sure: life is never normal when Kandhi's your mum! Chloƫ Rayban has created a deliciously funny and awesome story best for preteen girls.

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