Friday, February 22, 2008

Go Figure

Katelin Kingsford (Jordan Hinson) is a figure skating girl with a dream--some day she wants to go to the Olympics. So when a famous Russian figure skating coach tells Katelin that she has potential, Katelin is thrilled. But the only way that Katelin can train with Natasha is by enrolling in Buxton Academy, a prestigious boarding school. Unfortunately, Katelin's parents can't come up with enough money for tuition, and the talented 14 year old is afraid that her dreams of being an Olympic skater are over. But not yet--there's one way that Katelin can still get into Buxton. That's right. She gets a hockey scholarship. But these girls are scarier than any of the competition on the ice. They're mean. They're tough. And they hate "twirl girls", or figure skaters. At first, Katelin's sure that she's going to hate hockey. But after making some friends, she realizes it's not so bad after all. But can she keep her secret ice skating career secret? And, in the end, will she have to choose ice skating over hockey and friends? Disney has created a sweet-yet-predictable flick that fans of "Ice Princess" will love.

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