Monday, February 25, 2008

Minerva Clark Gives Up the Ghost

Arson, ghosts, and haunted toasters! Girl detective Minerva Clark sure has her work cut out for her in this third book in the thrilling Minerva Clark series by bestselling author Karen Karbo! When Minerva agrees to help odd boy Angus Paine solve the mystery of who burned down his parent's grocery store, she doesn't know what she's getting into. But it gets even odder when Minerva discovers that the grocery store is haunted....and Minerva's clues tell her that the ghost may be a prime suspect in the fire! But things are not as they seem....
That's not the only thing going on in this sassy sleuth's life. Nope. There's still boy trouble, and her mom and her annoying new husband are in town for some special (and stressful, not to mention annoying!) "family bonding time". And last, but not least, Minerva's got a whopping load on her shoulders: she's suspected of being the arsonist! Can Minerva work out this case before it's too late? This might be her hardest case yet, but the ferret-loving, brave, and funny girl detective will figure out her newest case with humor and wit!

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