Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover

Sameera Righton (known as "Sparrow") is used to being ordinary. But when her father's campaign for President of the United States starts getting exciting, it's Sparrow's turn in the spotlight. Before she knows it, she's gotten an amazing makeover and is practically a celebrity. But that's not the only change that Sparrow is going to have to go through! Her father's campaign staffers want to turn her into giggly, carefree "Sammy" Righton, an all-American teenager, despite the fact that Sparrow is a brown-skinned girl from Pakistan, adopted by her parents at a young age. But Sparrow's not so intent on this, and she secretly is showing it on her own, awesome blog: sparrowblog.com, where she's always got plenty to say. Will Sparrow's new looks change the person inside? Or will small, spunky, Sparrow be the same as always? This funny book by Mitali Perkins is a wonderful peek inside the world of American politics in the view of a girl who doesn't fit in all the time. First Daughter might appear to be about presidential elections, but it's really about finding out who you really are. An excellent read!


Chandler Hall said...

Hi fellow bloggers!
I read "First daughter" and thought it was really good. I loved Sparrow's blog! I also really love your blog-it's really creative and the reviews rock! Thank you for letting me and other bloggers express ourselves!

Your blogging buddy,

Bookworm said...

Hello Reena and Chandler,
Welcome to Bookworm Readers. First off, thanks for your post, Reena! Remember, readers, you can submit book reviews to me any time. Simply click on "comments" on the latest post, type your review, and click "Publish Your Comment"! It will get to me via email and I'll give it a post of its own (and give YOU credit)! Don't forget the title and the name of the author! I agree, "First Daughter" is an exceptional book! To Chandler: Thanks for visiting. I'm so glad that you enjoy my humble blog! And, yes-the whole point of this blog is for bookworms like you and me (and others, of course) to share and review great titles of books!
Thanks for visiting, and keep on checking back!

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Mitali Perkins said...

How encouraging to read this review! I'm SO glad you guys enjoyed Sparrow's story. It's fun to track the real first kid wannabes in the '08 campaign since I tried to imagine what that would be like when I wrote the book. I'd love to hear what you think about book #2. Thanks for writing; reviews like this make my day, week, month, year!

hUgs and blessings to all of you,

Mitali Perkins

Anonymous said...

First Daughter Extreme American came out the in our election time so it is helping the young kids to understand . even it is helping me as a new in this country thanks MONICA