Monday, February 11, 2008

Rules of the Road

Everything seems great for teenager Jenna Boller. She's got a driver's license and a great job at Gladstone's shoe store. But it isn't all so fabulous....Jenna's secretly struggling with the fact that her dad is an alcoholic, and her family is majorly messed  up now because of that. Then Jenna's offered the job of a lifetime--to be the driver for the  wealthy owner of the Gladstone's Shoes chain of stores. As Jenna drives Mrs. Madeline Gladstone from Chicago to Dallas, she learns various things. She gets to try out being a shoe saleswoman at the various Gladstone's stores, but she also learns something much more shocking that could affect Madeline and all of the rest of the stores....Joan Bauer has written a beautiful story that's about more than shoes and road trips. Throughout the story, Jenna learns about life.

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