Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It seems like the best class trip ever......a vacation to the tropical islands! But then EVERYTHING goes wrong: the kids' (including narrator Dani) boat shipwrecks on the journey to the islands, their teacher goes nuts, and now the class is stranded on a desolate island in the middle of nowhere! The kids have got to figure out where to get food, where to find shelter, where to shower.....all without a (sane) adult! Sound fun to you? And now Dani is stuck on an island with her annoying little brother (who just had to tag along), an evil popular girl, a bossy girl who thinks she knows everything, Dani's crush, and tons of biting bugs! Are the kids EVER going to get off of the island? Recommended for readers ages 9-12.
Trilogy of 3
Book #1: The Worst Class Trip Ever
Book #2: Weather's Here, Wish You Were Great
Book #3: Isle Be Seeing You
(Written by Cathy Hapka, under the pseudonym of Sandy Beech)

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