Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Freaky Friday

Annabel thinks her mom has a carefree, perfect life: after all, she IS an adult. She can do anything she pleases, all day long! Annabel and her mom don't really get along, either, so it makes Annabel feel even more jealous of her mother. But then, Annabel wakes up in the morning to find out that overnight, she and her mom have switches places....and she realizes that being her mother isn't as easy as it really seems! The book by Mary Rodgers that inspired the hit Disney movie Freaky Friday is a whimsical, funny, and sweet story about mothers and daughters.

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Lesley Blume and said...

When I was twelve, this was one of my favorite books. It's wonderfully funny, and I loved (and still love it) because it doesn't condescend to its audience.
AND, like most books, it's SO much better than the movie!!! A fast, delightful Sunday afternoon read.