Monday, December 24, 2007

The Clique: Revenge of the Wannabes

Massie Block's clique of A-List girls is slowly falling apart. While Alicia Rivera (formerly one of Massie's girls) is starting to form a clique of her own after a fight with Massie, Massie is growing less and less powerful. Will Alicia take over her throne? Claire is finally in Massie's clique-but after Massie messes with Claire's crush, will Claire decide to stay or leave for good? Kristen and Dylan are caught in between both cliques. They've been friends with Massie for ages, but Alicia's bribing them with the latest fashions..... What ensues is a big fight. Each girl is talking about the other behind their backs, and there's confusion and anger everywhere between the two new cliques. This isn't the holiday spirit that people are used to! Will the original clique stay together? Or is it too late? Here comes the third book of the bestselling "Clique" series by Lisi Harrison.

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